Establishment of business

Why is the service at Arca Share recommended for setting up company?

  • High confidentiality
  • No incurred charge committed
  • Quick and on time procedure
  • Business only provides information and signs documents, free from much travelling
  • Support to connect with businesses, services for newly set up company at best cost
Establishment of business
Website design

Website design

Arca Vietna has been operating in the field of consulting and designing websites for more than 10 years, servicing hundreds of Vietnamese and Japanese clients.

Arca Vietnam claims its experienced technical staff for years in the field of designing websites, continuously enhancing advanced programing techniques, updating modern and professional designing trends and a well-controlled operating system with clear process and high synchronization in order to create unique products, showing individuality of each brand name.

Further information could be referred to at https://arca.vn/
or call Hotline 028 3939 3924

Linking Japanese – Vietnamese Businesses

As a Japanese company, operating in Vietnam market for more than 10 years, with understanding of working culture and markets between the two nations, Arca Share confidently acts as a strong connection to help link businesses, promoting cooperation among companies in both countries.

Nowadays, Japan is one of those countries having the largest business connection with Vietnam, being one of the key export markets for Vietnamese businesses. However, Japan market is well known for high demand of product quality, market survey and requirements of exporter partners. In addition, cultural difference as well as languages always be big barriers to Vietnamese businesses.

Fully aware of this issue, Arca Share always keeps listening to very mutual needs of businesses, exchanges consultancy and acquires full information prior to qualifying businesses and connects only when the needs of businesses meet.

Linking Japanese – Vietnamese Businesses
Other services

Other services

Service Cost
Reference for recruitment To be quoted
upon detailed exchange
Checked luggage
Registration of visa, work permit for foreigners
Introduction of Lodging
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